Some people believe that sex is overrated in a relationship, while for others, there are many reasons why sex is necessary.

Sex is an important part of a couple’s life, although it is not as important for everyone. In reality, many couples’ problems stem from the importance they attach to sex and the amount each needs.

It may seem obvious, but over time people change, evolve, and value other things. The view of sexuality can also change, which does not mean that it has become more or less important.

“Eroticism is one of the bases of knowledge about oneself, as indispensable as poetry.”

Sex  and happiness

Studies show that couples of all ages who live together and are happy with their relationship have a good sex life. Also, couples who talk and share time have a better sex life.

Professionals who deal with marital problems believe that couples who do not have sex are unhappy, frustrated, depressed, insecure, have difficulty concentrating, and low self-esteem.

A “sexless” relationship is understood to be when sexual intercourse occurs ten times or less during the year. Interestingly, several studies have found that a large number of couples reach that number. Research has found that couples who do not have sex are more likely to consider divorce.

In sex, there are no “normal” parameters.

When it comes to valuing the importance of sex, there is no measure considered normal. Couples are different. Some studies have found that happy couples have an average of three to four sexual intercourse a month, but that depends on each couple and each person, how sexual desire is maintained over the years, and many other factors.

Also, sex can vary and change over time. The importance of sex and how to practice it changes within a relationship, as do all other aspects of the couple.

We must consider that the most important thing is understanding how sex fits into the relationship over time, what can change, and what type of relationship exists. If communication between the couple and the passage of time changed the relationship, it probably also changed sex life.

Knowing each other is a task that never ends. With sexuality, it happens in the same way: It is essential to continue listening and learning from each other.

Don’t feel guilty

There is no need to feel guilty about asking for what you want or not wanting something the other wants. Communication is essential. Many couple refuse sex because they no longer feel pleasure or something they don’t like. Talking to each other is a way to resolve the situation.

For a relationship to be successful about sexuality, the couple must understand each other and talk without feeling guilty. In this way, relationships can be more pleasurable and, as a result, will be more frequent.

Sex is a vital importance in the life of the couple.

In a relationship, the usual thing shared exclusively with the partner is sex. That’s why sex is what differentiates a couple of relationship from the relationship between two friends.

Furthermore, sex in a relationship is much more than fun because it requires a deep communication level.

It requires the couple to talk about intimate emotional issues, mutual knowledge, knowing what makes the other feel good, respecting, giving, and receiving. That presupposes a deep level of trust that spreads and applies to all other situations in life together.

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