The value of love is one of the most beautiful feelings that all human beings have; it inspires and motivates us to love ourselves and offer this same feeling to others, be it a person, object, animal, food, or plants.

Although on the other hand, love can also cause us a lot of suffering if it is not reciprocated or there is no reciprocity on both sides. That is an innate feeling that all humans have at birth and that we will always have for the rest of our lives.

Definition, Meaning – Value of Love

One of the meanings given about love is the feeling towards another person or the sexual attraction that occurs when someone wants to have a relationship or coexist with someone, which is considered to feel in love with him or her.

Something innate that a person has is the love that one has for the family, and more if it is your son or daughter. Mother’s love is one of the greatest bands in this world since as soon as a child is born, the father and mother have great affection and affection for the baby, where they will live to take care that nothing happens to him help him to grow up.

The love felt for animals, plants, or objects is another type of affection that can also occur since we become very fond of something that creates a feeling towards it, as strong as it could be with another person. Many people tend to become very fond of animals such as cats or dogs as if they were their children.

Friendship unites us as a society and also creates an affection between both people that are considered love since you always want to look good and take care of that friend no matter what happens.

Meaning of love in feelings as value

The word love does not have an exact definition, since this type of feelings can be felt in many areas of life, from a living being to a simple object which is highly valued. As this definition becomes an arduous task of being able to explain, there are many opinions about it, as well as many ways of approaching it.

As we have already spoken, love is a universal affection, it does not matter where in the world it is found, and neither does the culture in which it has been raised, everyone in this life loves, we fall in love, we take affection to certain people, objects, animals, and plants.

The symbolism of love is a heart or the figure of a cupid with a bow and arrow. The two are often united as, for example, a cupid piercing the heart with one of her arrows. Instead, the symbolism of heartbreak is heartbroken in half.

Many times love expressed through actions that show what you feel for someone; love messages, music, statements, or poems are some of the most popular methods used to show that you feel something for someone.

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